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Inna Kharchuk
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Inna Kharchuk, Secrets, oil on canvas, 130x150 cm, 2022
Inna Kharchuk
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All proceeds go support the Ukrainian artists who now became refugees after the war broke out and to buying equipment for a new Childrens Hospital in Lviv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian artist born in Rivne, Ukraine. Lives andworks in both Rivne and Kyiv. In her paintings, Inna investigates thetransformation of the authentic imagery through colour and versatilecomposition. The artist endeavours to find the deep-laid Ukrainian culturalcode through the prism of her individual feelings in order to identify, whatplace Ukrainian modern art occupies on the global art arena. In her artisticpractice Inna Kharchuk deals with such issues as self-identification insociety, personal and collective memory, experiences and reflections. Sheresearches 'ancestry' and 'family', i.e. essential issues in the context of theevents happening in the country, which, in their turn, characterise the seriesof works created by the artist.

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