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Stand With Ukraine Foundation is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization whose mission is to save, support, strengthen, and sustain Ukraine, the front line of world freedom and peace, being defended with the lives of the brave. We started as a grassroots movement before the full-scale Russian invasion. As Russian troops amassed around Ukraine's borders, conducting their supposed "military exercises," much of the world remained spectators, waiting to see what would happen next. However, we took action. The Stand With Ukraine movement in Los Angeles was the first to call to arms and initiate international rallies raising global awareness of the devastating impact Ukraine was to withstand as a consequence of escalating russian military aggression.

Since February 2022, our community has expanded to encompass hundreds of volunteers, tirelessly working to raise and dispatch humanitarian aid, organize charity events, and champion Ukraine’s cause through advocacy and activism campaigns. Today we are the #1 glocal (local and global) movement dedicated to providing humanitarian war relief, battling misinformation, implementing cultural outreach, and endorsing policies that uphold Ukraine's fight for freedom. 

Our efforts to support the Ukrainian community, both in the U.S. and abroad, have earned recognition from various governmental entities and officials, such as the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in Los Angeles, State Senator Josh Newman, Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass, and Mayor of the City of Pasadena Victor Gordo.

SWUF is humbled and honored to have received the Local Heroes Award from the LA Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. This accolade, which we proudly dedicate to the courageous and resilient people of Ukraine, highlights the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers who stand in solidarity with Ukraine, epitomizing a spirit of service that propels our mission forward.

Earning notable visibility, our initiatives have been featured on major national TV news channels, radio, print, and online platforms, underscoring our role as a distinguished Ukrainian-led organization in California and across the United States.

As a top Ukrainian-driven nonprofit with a proven record of successful projects we rely on volunteers and have no overhead costs, offering transparent activity reports. Our targeted aid benefits from direct communication with those on the ground in Ukraine, facilitated by our robust logistics for fast and secure delivery.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all who serve with heart, lend a hand, save lives, make a difference, and stand with Ukraine!

what we do


Through strategic initiatives, we effectively advocate for vital congressional measures, shifting the tide of the war in Ukraine's favor. We actively meet with governmental leadership, US House Representatives, and Senators to ensure the enactment of legislation that benefits Ukraine and aligns with the best interests of the United States, further amplifying our impact on policy initiatives.


SWU Foundation runs multiple volunteer centers handling humanitarian aid. We purchase, collect, package and ship life-saving medical aid, as well as basic military supplies, all of which Ukraine desperately needs as a result of the Russian invasion.


As a crucial part of our activity, we promote the Ukrainian language and culture at our events, showcasing Ukrainian art, music, dances, movies, and traditions for the sake of our civic duty, as we are defending not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine but our very cultural identity. SWU Foundation stands for the protection of cultural rights which are essential to sustaining a peaceful inclusive society.

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May 23, 2024 7:00 PM
Фільм "Смак Свободи"/Ukrainian movie "Taste of Freedom"/Los Angeles
May 23, 2024 7:00 PM
Lumiere Music Hall 9036 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211 United States
May 24, 2024 6:00 PM
#FreeAzovstalDefenders Rally
May 24, 2024 6:00 PM
Wilshire Federal Building 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 90024
May 26, 2024 1:00 PM
Crimean Tatar Culture Day: Heritage, Resilience, and Remembrance
May 26, 2024 1:00 PM
Ukrainian Culture Center - UCC 4315 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029
June 1,2,8,9
Fiddler on the Roof
June 1,2,8,9
Sally Field Performing Arts Center 17000 Haynes St., Lake Balboa, CA, United States
June 8, 2024 8:00 PM
Standup Anton Tymoshenko in LA
June 8, 2024 8:00 PM
Fine Arts Theatre 8556 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211
May 15, 2024 7:00 PM
May 15, 2024 7:00 PM
The Viper Room | 8852 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069.
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Consulate General of Ukraine
in San Francisco
Ukrainian Culture Center
Ukrainian Art Center
American Coalition For Ukraine
Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in Los Angeles
Baltic American Freedom League
Lithuanian World Arts Council
Lithuanian American Business Association in Los Angeles
Georgian Cultural and Educational Center of Southern California
Resilience Entertainment Group
Meest USA
University of Southern California
Dovzhenko League
Ukrainian Films USA
For all the help given to Ukraine,
and trust shown to us,
we are infinitely grateful
to our reliable partners.



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