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Andriy Stegura
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Andriy Stegura, New Day, acrylic on canvas, 120х90 cm, 2019
Andriy Stegura
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All proceeds go support the Ukrainian artists who now became refugees after the war broke out and to buying equipment for a new Childrens Hospital in Lviv, Ukraine.

Born in 1969 in Zaporizhzhia. Lives and works in Uzhgorod. Engaged in painting and graphics in the style of geometric abstractionism, postmodernism, figurative and pop art, publishes samizdat and magazines.Graduated from the Uzhgorod School of Applied Arts (1988). In 1992, together with colleagues-artists organized the Poptrans group.The group researched the question about figurative and plastic problems, heredity and innovation in art, and the place of the artist in the chain of "creator, picture, viewer". Inspiration was drawn from factory-made everyday goods. Artists borrowed plastic tools from Western pop art of the 1960s and assigned their style to new content.

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