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Kostiantyn Lyzohub
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Kostiantyn Lyzohub, Stone 2, oil on canvas, 120 D cm 2019
Kostiantyn Lyzohub
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Kostiantyn Lyzohub is a Ukrainian artist based in Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine).  In his works, Kostiantyn combines abstract and realistic paintings while actively using textural possibilities, bringing symbolism and allegory, his philosophical views, compositional techniques, and form to the fore in his art.

In artistic experiments, Lyzuhub has based on the achievements of the artists of the Renaissance era, the guidelines for which he formed during his study at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.  However, Kostiantyn can find non-standard solutions and contemporary approaches in his art.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine, Lyzohub joined the Kharkiv self-defense troops. For some time, the brigade where he happened to serve and defeated was reorganized into a reconnaissance and sabotage brigade and became equal to the forces of the regular army of Ukraine. Currently, he serves as an art therapist in one of the Kharkiv military brigades. His primary mission is to help soldiers improve their emotional state and cope with the psychological trauma received during the war.

Before the war, Kostiantyn's paintings were presented at numerous international exhibitions in Asia and Europe, including Christie's auction in London.

In 2022, while the artist defended his country, three paintings were sold at charity exhibitions in the United States "Art of Ukraine" in Denver and "Sonya Art Gallery Project" in New York. The money raised from the sale of paintings was returned to Ukraine in the form of humanitarian aid.

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